Matt in the news

Keep up-to-date with Matt in the news!

  • Matt talks with San Diego News Room in an exclusive interview– “Q: How will the circumstances behind Brown’s victory affect the vote in the 53rd District? A: The right candidate will realize and seize one of the driving forces behind Brown’s win & his focus on the American people…” Read more!
  • Matt on the Rick Roberts Show– Matt talks with San Diego talk show host Rick Roberts about his platform, immigration, and how he plans to show Davis the door. Check it out here!
  • Matt meets with Minority leader Boehner, and Congressmen Issa, Bilbray, and Hunter– Matt took time recently to discuss major issues facing America and the 53rd district with top republicans in Congress. See pics here and here!
  • In the fray– As the race heats up in the 53rd, San Diego News Room takes a look at Matt and the other candidates and the controversies thus far. Read the article here!

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