It’s Election Day!

June 8, 2010

This is my interview on the Rick Roberts show at 8am this morning.


Our veterans fought for us. Who is fighting for them?

May 28, 2010

With Memorial Day just around the corner, I want to take a few moments and reflect on what it means to honor those who have served and those who are  currently serving this country by laying their lives on the line for our freedom.

I think it is wonderful that we have a national holiday to honor those who have given their lives in service of this nation. Where would we be if those faithful men and women had not bravely stormed the beaches of Normandy, given their blood in Okinawa, endured hellish conditions in Vietnam, or stood their ground in Fallujah and Bahgdad? The United States is only the great nation it is today because of the blood, sweat and tears of those in uniform. So many have left these safe shores and never returned. Many are all around us today, and they carry a burden most of us will never understand.  I hope we take time this memorial day, and every day, to thank the men and women in our lives who have sacrificed in one way or another to protect our freedom, our land, and our lives.

But I have to wonder, our veterans fought bravely for us, but are we fighting for them? The 53rd district is filled with many veterans. We are so honored to have such a large number of service men and women in our communities. Given the great sacrifices they have made for us, the very least we can do is thank them by honoring their commitment and doing whatever it takes to protect their rights as veterans.

At the recent Coronado Forum, each of the candidates present was asked which Congressional committees they would like to be on. I was frankly stunned that none of my opponents, C. Mason Weaver, Michael Crimmins, nor Mari Fink mentioned the Veterans Affairs Committee. I was the only candidate to list this committee. With such a concentration of veterans in the 53rd I am convinced that we have a duty to fight for those who fought for us, and that your representative in Congress should be on the front lines. It seems to me that being on the Veterans Affairs Committee is the very least that a representative of the 53rd should be doing to serve those who served us. I am saddened that none of my opponents seem to share this view.

Of course, having a day to recognize those who paid the ultimate price for freedom is important. But I think we can best honor those who have died in service by showing active and real support for those brave men and women who are still among us. I am deeply moved and humbled by the sacrifices of each and every one of you who have served and are currently serving in the military. That is why I will be in the trenches of Washington and on the front lines in Congress fighting for you.

Thank you for your service, your sacrifice, your honor and your commitment. God bless our troops and God bless America!

Check out Matt on the Rick Roberts Show

May 12, 2010

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of being on the Rick Roberts show to talk about my platform, immigration, how we’re planning on showing Susan Davis the door and a lot more! I thought it was a great opportunity and I hope a lot people were able to hear about all the big changes that are happening here in the 53rd! If you missed it, here is the complete audio of the conversation. Keep up the great work and spread the word! No more business as usual in 2010!

Campaign and the Family

May 11, 2010

In light of all of the Mother’s Day festivities, I couldn’t help but reflect on where the last 18 months have gone. My daughter has truly been a campaign baby. I call her my patriot in training. Every day when I finish work, I get on the phone and call voters for 3 hours. I can hear my little girl, Nakisa, laughing and squalling with my wife, playing some game or working on a project. Every laugh and giggle I hear from her is one less moment I will be able to spend with her until the campaign has concluded. So I find the best ways possible to spend time with her. She goes out on the campaign trail with me, meets with voters, attends meet and greets and is just a pure joy to be with. However, there are times when I am knocking on doors for 7-8 hours that she cannot be with me. Every door I knock on brings me 1 door closer to being back with my little girl and wife. When someone comes to a door and says they don’t have time or don’t care, I wish I could sit with them and tell them what I am sacrificing to turn our country around.

But I hold back. I think about our brave servicemen and servicewomen away from their families for 6-12 months at a time, with only pictures or some videos to keep in touch. It puts it in perspective my small sacrifice for our country compared to the great sacrifice they make. For those children whose parents are away, I keep knocking on doors so that I can help to bring them back home.

At night, sometimes at one in the morning when I am writing letters to people I have spoken with, I take a few moments and watch her on the baby monitor. She is at peace, sleeping soundly and knows completely what pure love means. What she does not know is that she is going to be entering a very scary world in a few years; a country that is being torn apart by politicians in office who have put our great country on a path of destruction. A country where double talk is standard and political expediency is an everyday term; a country where we would rather know about American Idol contestants than learning about James Madison and the Constitution, and a country that apologizes for being great and special when we should be celebrating our greatness every day.

So what can one person do to fix this? Quite honestly, that is the question for the ages. I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked, “How can you make a difference in this corrupt system?” My answer is always the same: our character is judged by the work we do and the weight of our word. In this campaign, I live, sleep and breathe helping the 53rd District. My work ethic is second to none, my word is gold and my convictions are consistent. At one point in history, our statesmen were our heroes. Today, it is a baseball player, a singer or an actor. We can return to a better day when teachers, statesmen, scientists and veterans were our heroes. That is the country I want to live in and that is the country I want for my daughter.

So the next time I knock on your door or call you on the phone, consider dialoguing with me about where our country is going and what part the Representative from the 53rd District should have in that direction. A day is coming when it will be too late to redirect our course and avert a national collapse of freedoms and prosperity. We are so far in debt that our GDP is going to equal our debt payments in a few years. Our military will be gutted to a skeleton of its former self and our education system will be broke because we ran all our companies out of America. This is a country that I refuse to give my daughter. I will struggle to my last breath to take back our country from people who are destroying it and put us back on a path to fiscal responsibility, peace through strength and a generation of children built on the world’s best education system. Our Constitution means something to me and it will mean something to my daughter.

History is a record of individuals doing great things and changing their times. It is also a story of groups of people joining together to resist tyranny and poverty. In running for Congress in the 53rd Congressional District, I seek to be both – both an individual who takes a stand as well as a member of a group of people who challenge their circumstances and accomplish great things together. The group I am referring to is not only the 53rd; it is the millions of Americans across this great land that are joining together right now to reinstate the great principles of government that this land was founded on.

Over the next several weeks I will need any and all support that you can lend to this campaign to change business-as-usual policies in Washington. To help follow the links below:

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Matt Friedman

Dodd and the Dems are in Wall Street’s corner

May 5, 2010

Despite the Democrat’s endless tough talk on Wall Street, no one is doing more to help Goldman Sachs and other giants of the financial industry than Democrats themselves. Ironic isn’t it?

Last week Senate Republicans allowed Chris Dodd’s financial regulation reform bill to be opened for debate on the Senate floor, despite the fact that as it stands, the bill essentially institutionalizes bailouts and furthers the “too big to fail” system. But Republicans are not throwing in the towel, just picking a new battleground.

On April 14, Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell said this, according to USA Today:

“For nearly two years, the American people have been telling us that any financial reform should have two goals: it should prevent the kind of crisis we experienced in the fall of 2008, and it should ensure that the biggest Wall Street banks pay for their own mistakes. Yet the bill we’re being asked to consider doesn’t even begin to solve these fundamental problems. It exacerbates them.”

The reason Dodd and Harry Ried are having such a tough time with this particular agenda is because they cant even get the Dems on their side. While the majority of Senate Democrats support the Dodd bill, a number, like California Sen. Brad Sherman have been willing to call the bill what it is. According to Politico, “The Dodd bill has unlimited executive bailout authority,” Sherman said on April 19. “That’s something Wall Street desperately wants but doesn’t dare ask for. The bill contains permanent, unlimited bailout authority.”

The Hill reported on Wednesday that Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) was outspoken against the bill which he says will, at best, “be perpetuating the system that we [already] have.”

“Garrett went on to say that Dodd’s bill benefits larger banks at the expense of smaller banks and taxpayers,” The Hill blog said.

But what might be the most telling fact is that Goldman Sachs actually wants this bill, and they’ve said so. Goldman has explicitly stated that it is in favor of regulation. Washington Examiner columnist Timothy Carney explains, “Goldman can play it safe, you see, without needing a regulation. But regulations prevent smaller competitors from taking the risks needed to compete with Goldman.”

Then again, maybe it’s not so confusing, considering that Obama and Goldman Sachs are…shall we say, so well connected? Last week we found out Greg Craig, former Obama advisor will represent Goldman in their SEC civil fraud suit.

Finally, it shouldn’t be too big of a surprise that Dems aren’t throwing more than rhetoric at Wall Street. After all, Wall Street contributed a good $12.7 million to democrats during the 2008 election cycle, double what was given to Republicans. The simple fact is that Democrats owe something to Wall Street that Republicans don’t.

Lets initiate some real accountability, some real reform that doesn’t have to cripple Wall Street, but doesn’t institutionalize bailouts, and expand our bloated government either. If you want to help scratch Wall Street’s back, vote Susan Davis. But if its accountability and responsibility you’re looking for, vote Friedman in June!