Matt is a career American. For Matt Friedman, running for Congress is not about being a Washington insider or building superficial political capital.  To him it is about serving the 53rd District and returning America to its rightful owners, the American people.  He believes in the virtue of our Constitution and the integrity of our Founding Fathers which have made America great.  For the past ten years, Matt has resided in San Diego, investing himself in the people he is working to represent.  Matt Friedman is a man who will tackle big government straight on, and like you, he is committed to preserving our country for future generations.

More than any partisan political issue, this campaign is about serving every American in the 53rd District.  The great tradition of the American electoral process is not one of division and partisanship, but of patriotism and duty.  Matt Friedman’s fundamental objective is to inspire every American to seize their Constitutional right to representation in Washington, D.C.  This is why Matt is submitting himself to the voters of the 53rd District, and with firm resolve and determination, Matt seeks to earn the privilege of representing them.

Matt is an entrepreneur. America was founded on the principles of  equality of opportunity.  These qualities are a way of life in the northwest suburbs of Illinois where Matt Friedman grew up.  In high school, Matt was twice elected to represent his class as student body president. He attended college at Ball State University and paid for his own education by working full time through those four years. Matt graduated from BSU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and has used his education to establish himself as a successful San Diego businessman and entrepreneur.

His business career in San Diego has exposed him to a broad spectrum of industries and given him a deep and thorough perspective of what business in San Diego excels at – as well as the challenges it faces.  Before the age of thirty, Matt launched a clothing line for our troops, started an entertainment vending line, and worked with local businesses to enhance their technological infrastructure.  Matt has created jobs for San Diegans, an accomplishment that he considers to be one of his most important.

As an American entrepreneur, Matt has been deeply impacted and troubled by the exponential growth of the government and its intrusion on his businesses.  These intrusions  impacted Matt’s resolve to run for Congress.  Matt understands that government’s role is to facilitate free enterprise – not to distribute San Diegan’s wealth.

Matt is a family man. Matt’s family is integral to his resolve to fight for America’s future. In 2006, Matt married Lili Friedman, a San Diego attorney. They reside in Hillcrest and have a young daughter named Nakisa. Matt is conscious of the fact that the decisions he makes in Congress will directly impact the America his daughter will have to live in.  Matt believes that there is no sacrifice too great in securing her generation’s safety and the freedoms that America has promised to them.

Matt is a fighter. Matt Friedman firmly believes in one of the basic tenants of our freedoms…our inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Every task he embarks on is one in which the pursuit itself has redeeming value, regardless of the outcome.  Running for Congress is a pursuit that a few Americans undertake and Matt is committed to making this campaign about the needs and interests of the people of the 53rd District.  Why Congress and why now?  In running for Congress, Matt is pursuing this challenge because he believes that the cost of indifference and accepting the status quo  in Washington D.C. is too high. This is the real Matt Friedman: A career American ready to serve the people.


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